Sunday, 31 July 2011

Conservative Vs fascism

My dear brothers the ideals (limited as they our) and the practices of conservative are under attack. They are under attack from the embittered, power crazed neo cons who instead of respecting money they worship it. From the other side a new threat to civilisation has arisen, one so huge that the last time it arose it dimed the light across Europe this threat is the far right.

The far right is are bastard son; the market worshipers like to fain they have nothing to do with us, that they our left wing. This is based on their “left wing” economics. Well whilst I concede there economic stance is not that of the market worshipers this does not make them left wing. The far right is not collectivist nor is it international in any meaningful sense. Indeed the fascist often reduces politics to us or communist dichotomy, or in there modern from it’s either us or the end of western civilisation (effectively the same argument). Given this choice brothers we know, whose side we would fall on but this dichotomy is false.

A nation run on fear and repression is a broken nation; it has failed. Oh it my stagger on as a Zombie nation held together by fear and blood but one day that will not be enough, one day there will be no one left who will fear death because death would be sweeter than life in the zombie nation. On that wonderful day what is left of your nation will consume itself and if you have been co-opted by the almighty state you will live just long enough to see the noose being place around your neck.

So why dose fascism our bastard child cause such harm? Well instead of respecting the central tenants of conservative thought, perverts and destroys them. The first conservative tenant that fascism perverts is love for one’s nation. We promote this because the nation is colourless, it is classless, it is natural to love and to serve and die for. Anyone who is willing to die for his nation is by their blood your fellow in that nation , anyone who suffers or strive to make that nation greater by the meanest of means is your brother under God and under the flag you pertain to serve.

The fascist pervert this clean and saintly love into a hate a hate not for the real enemies of the nation, those who would incur upon her sovereignty and impose upon it but imaginary internal enemies. They make the nation exclusive for a certain type of person, they base nationality not on loyalty or the truth held in the heart of men but on blood but brother blood is cheap, blood is not loyal. Indeed so deeply held is this insanity that they would harm their own nation by killing or expelling people because of their race treason but I say brother no such thing exist. It is treason to weaken your nation through hatred, it is treason to kill those who like you enjoy the simple love of the nation they are the traitors.

The Second tenet of conservative thought is the centrality of God and of the weakness of man. It is the most central of central conservative principles that man is only saveable by the blood of Christ and that he remains unredeemed in this life and only is made perfect in the life here after. Now I am well aware we no longer live in faithful times, however, even the atheist who lives by morals not elected by him can be said to be living in proper accordance with Conservative principles.

The fascist believe that the state and thus man can and should determine its own morality. Man is debase and what sane man would follow morality written by the most debase, the most double dealing aka those obsessed with power and would renounce God to do so. It is clear to any man of good sense knows that any morality coming forth from such a source will be self-serving and only serve to empower the demi-god that has issued it forth. Indeed once the hand of man is freed from the golden chain of God’s law it can never lead to freedom or reason but to fear and anarchy.

The third principle is the idea of balance – Conservative ideals are based on the four pillars see for a longer exploration of these pillars, these pillars keep the state, economic, community and morality interconnected but separate from each other. Fascism destroys these pillars and seeks to replace them with just the one, the pillar of the party. The free pillar of the community is taken over by party organisers, the free pillar of the market is hijacked by central planners and even the church is brought into line.

So what you may ask, where is the harm in this, unity is strength. Well division is weakness but that is not the same. Man wants to live at peace and in freedom, he wants a gap between him and others but the merging of all the pillars of civilisation into the party robs him of that, it robs him of his freedom to think beyond the party, believe beyond the party or even exist beyond it. Indeed you could ask what is the point of existence within such a stifling atmosphere, you could ask your selves what would become of your nation, your community your soul if you give everything over to one man, one ideal one party.

Friday, 22 July 2011


I have been accused by some of not caring about the famine in the horn of Africa; I have indeed been accused of promoting euthanasia in relation to my position on it. Well I intend to lay my views out and allow others to draw whatever conclusions they want.

First the issue at hand; due to weather conditions, a lack of infrastructure and overpopulation the peoples of the horn of Africa have quite simply run out of food. This is nothing new of course, the idea that a famine suddenly erupts is a myth. Nations which slip into famine do so due to long term structural reasons. One of these structural reasons is the west give Aid first and invest latter, another is of course the having of children to provide in there old age and another is the extension of advance medical care and treatments to these areas.

I refuse to condemn these laudable and Christian pursuits or lament about the law of unintended consequences but these are the facts. Malthus laid out that any population is kept in balance with the resources it can command by sickness, war, infirmity and worse of all starvation. Due to external influence of these nation we have targeted the outward manifestations of these pressures and thus increased the population but we have done nothing to increase in command of the “necessities of life” leading inevitably to famine.

So what should the we / the west do? Well to my mind a country that slips into famine should be treated like we treat a failed economy. The IMF do not keep them just above oblivion with never ending aid payments, they force them to accept hard hitting structural changes. When a nation go bankrupt the international community steps in and sets it’s failed economic polices straight. Indeed one cannot get IMF funding without handing over economic sovereignty for some period of time.

So, who dose this apply for resource bankrupt nations? Well of course we give them short term aid but it has to come with strings. We need an International Food Fund to act like the IMF would. Forcing though the deep structural changes requited and imposing population reduction strategies these nations badly need. They need our help to reduce birth rates, increase food production and distribution and they should have it, so what I am arguing for is the end of aid and the birth of structural reform.