Sunday, 5 May 2013

prayer for passing glory

I stand surrounded by rubble.
Deserted, abandoned, left a remnant.
Alone, Lord I stand, naked against the wind

I am defenceless against the onslaught of barbed words
Day and night they mock you
Night and day they slander you
Without ceasing they mock your mercy
They call you gone; They say you are a lie

It feels that none can see you
It feels that none can heard you
It feels like the end

Do you still call lord?
Do you still call us?
Do you still love us?
Do you still love me?

Yet I still remain Lord
Disciple, sheep, faithful, remnant
I still stand here in your love and mercy
If I alone remain, your glory to fulfil
For you came and died for me
So I shall live for you.

I shall standalone if you call to me
I shall preach your glory is you ask it of me
I shall give my life lord if you but ask for it

I make this pledged to you lord:
Wherever I am lord you will have your church
 wherever I speak you will find your living word
 wherever I act in your name you will have your kingdom