Tuesday, 3 August 2010

My energy policy

As well all know oil is running out and so will coal and all other fossilised or petrified sources of fuel. Using a limited and dwindling resource for the basis of any society, yet alone one so rapacious for energy as ours is indefensibly short sighted.

I am no scientist and I do not pretend to know if man is heating up the globe or not but if the world in naturally heating up anyway. It strikes me as a prudent move not to use the above mentioned materials which also, quite unhelpfully, also produce chemicals that at best do not hinder these warming processes.

So these two very strong arguments combined have led me to this policy. The state will allow councils to sell there electricity to the national grid, it will tax very heavily any use of none renewable fuels but this is the extent of our involvement. Councils will be free to opt for whatever means of power generation they then deem is sensible and the voters will in the end approve or reject it.

In addition to this we will suggest that council’s source there new energy mechanism locally and fund through loans and tax breaks to any renewable energy technological company with a tax on the consumption of none renewable fuel sources and foreign lorries which do not incur this tax as they filled up outside of the UK.

I will have further discussions with my shadow cabinet colleges on further radical proposals.

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