Sunday, 19 September 2010

Freedom and liberty

Man may set aside laws which are important to him and these laws he may found pleasurable indeed these laws may come to define everything he loves or enjoys and be key to allowing him to be a free man in society. He is in deep trouble as are these highly regarded laws when he sees them as natural or inalienable for he then entrust their keeping not to the social from whence they come and in which they are regarded but to government as they are the keepers of all laws and as these laws are natural or inalienable cannot be altered.
Of course government being capricious and jealous seeks to ensnare man not in the social web but the web of the bureaucrat and administrator and so robs man of these highly regarded laws and replace them with rights and freedoms which are the rights of freedom the government deems to give him with no regard to the nature of man. Worse still via these new liberties and freedoms they try to shape man to their will and through him undermine the social and consume its power into itself.
Therefore bother loves those laws which grant you joy and freedom within the social and allow no body to keep them for they will turn them but keep them yourself, keep them in the social for it was here they come, it here they are valued and it is here they are safe from those who speak so much of their nature and inalienability in order to rob you of what man ins society has made and thus man in society is best able to keep

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