Monday, 14 February 2011

CBB’s Vs big society:

Scene: Two ragged and economy puppets stand in front of a cardboard image of parliament; the first puppet is called Symon and the other Paul
Symon: Today children we are going to talk about the big society and you;
Paul: That sounds awful complicated Symon, sound adult
Symon: Well it is Paul but we are all part of the big society even are wonderful listeners but before I explain that let me tell you a tale;
Scene opens on a yea oldie medieval scene
Symon: many years ago lived a knight called Thatcher and a dragon called Sacrgil – they simply could not get along and fought across the lands of Albion, the knight was a good women and was faithful to her god known as the free market, the knight and her God finally rid the land of the evil dragon but her god was capricious and extracted a cost for his assistance and this cost was the social fabric of Britain a fabric already torn and damaged by the dreams of past knights who worshiped the fallen God of the state.

Eventually the god of the market became so powerful and the cost of satisfying him so great that the people could no longer endure it and the God’s capricious nature turned vengeful and struck the people of Albion low. The knight was sent in to exile and a new knight was chosen to lead the land. This knight had no God beyond himself but kept doffed his hat to both the kings of the market and the state and so this knight rode the land even waging crusade in the name his vague Gods.

Eventually even this knight was slain and a knew night with a new God chosen to defend the land; the new nights name was Call me Dave; he had no God’s but call me Dave had a dream. A dream of being a night on the cheap, of protecting the land on the cheap and this was the idea of the posy or the big society. In Dave’s dream the people of Albion had nothing better and no greater wish then to work for him for free; they were tired of the state and fearful of the market and his solution to thise was tombola’s and parish councils.

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