Monday, 25 April 2011

What we want from our electoral system:

It seems to me that one of the issues with any reform of our electoral system (beyond the facts that is duller then dirt) is we don’t know what we want. So I have decided to outline, briefly the various and sometimes contradictory aspects we would like to have.

1st: We want a system that ensures effective government; we are often not entirely certain was gridlocked government means in effect but we know it is bad and everything it brings is bad.
2nd We want a system that has the checks and balances between it and no longer overly empowers the executive. In short we want and end to electing a dictator

3rd We want a system that means MP’s work hard for their constituents and that all constituents have an equal voice.

4th We want the national vote to be reflected more in the arrangement of are legislature. No more majority government with 38% of the national vote

5th We don’t want any system which would help extremist parties

6th We want expert in our legislature

7th All members should be elected

8th We want a greater popular voice in are electoral system, more use of referenda – recalls and direct democracy

9th We want responsible and well thought out, long term government

10th We want parties to stick to their manifestos and serve our interest

11th We don’t want to fund parties

I could go on and on and on but I feel I have made my point. We cannot have it all, we cannot have a proportional – equal waited system which give the populace a voice and ensure there are safeguards against extremist parties and that we still have a powerful politics. We cannot have more popular participation and ensure sensible and decent laws. We have to make a choice and as no one beyond the political world really cares I doubt we will

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  1. "4th No more majority government with 38% of the national vote"

    Now, this is quite funny. I see that you voted No on the AV referendum. You know, the one to make voting fairer, that would mean every MP would need a majority of over 50% to be elected?

    I don't think much more needs to be said.