Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A noble sprite

A noble sprit embiggens the smallest man:

If you know which town hold this as there motto then you can probably already answer the following question?

What longest running show has a female character who is the mother of three children, one of whom shot a man and another of whom was imprisoned in juvenile detention for fraud. She herself has a gambling addition, has a conviction for theft and DUI and even has had a mental break down and a semi dalliance with a bowling instructor whilst married. Still confused, well if I were to tell you she has a tall blue plume of blue hair and her surname is Simpson you may guess what this piece is about: “The Simpsons” (please add in signature theme tune).

There is one program I hold above all: “The Simpsons”. I have every episode of DVD, I own every book explaining every episode of every series and I have written a blog and every episode of every series of “The Simpsons”. To me the Simpsons is not just a show it is a real family, they really are a part of my life.

So why do I love the Simpsons so? First they are a Christian family; they have a minister and go to church weekly, just like me. Secondly they have a less than perfect life, in a less than perfect world rather like the world we live in and of course I adore the surreal adventures and snide comments on a world that has lost its direction.

What make the Simpsons the Simpsons and what it has lost a little in its latter years, is the side jokes; which are often funnier and more biting then any which are part of the main story arc and yes all Simpsons have a proper story arc, the characters are believable and endearing and they are also just as flawed and debased as we all Are. Indeed Reverent lovejoys flexible faith and rocky marriage, reminds me of several ministers I have known and Ned Flanders clearly studier and more devoted faith is another aspect of church life I have experienced. Indeed it is often true that the congregation is more orthodox then the minister.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking, jeeze this is only a show; well it maybe to you but to me it’s a whole world of people all of whom I know everything about . I have watched faithfully since it began and I will remain loyal until the bitter end because in the end who of us can see hurricane Neddy episode of the Simpson and not reflect on our place in the world and are views on faith and God and how many shows can say they achieve this?

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