Sunday, 26 June 2011

A letter to my MP

Dear Mr Wilson.
I wish to say a few words before I get to the reason for this letter. The first is I am a good and true conservative. I joined the party at the tender age of thirteen and have never wavered from my steadfast and true support. Indeed I have suffered both physically and mentally for my support as during my younger years the party was devoutly disliked but I sir, I remained true.

I say this so you can understand my deep displeasure at the parties wilful attack on me and those of my kind, you see Sir I am dyslexic and Dyspraxia and I ask nothing Sir, nothing but a computer for my exam and to be left alone. I accepted a long time ago that despite my MA in political theory and BA in public policy that no public body would ever accept me due to the discriminatory English and maths test they alone see fit to impose and I have sought not to rectify this imbalance.

For I, sir, I am a conservative it tooth and claw. I am a fellow of Burke I will hear no nonsense speech of human right or acts which try and indivertibly fail to enshrine them. My view is that of the great man himself “the liberty of mischief and never of good order”. I was aghast to see the last government wasting hours institutionalising pseudo constitutional laws in a system not equip to processes them and t wasting further hours equalising the marriage laws (where a simple amendment would have served the equal purpose) whilst freely stripping those unprotected freedoms which are the foundation of any decent state.

So I am left stuck when are education secretary further discriminates, belittles and discriminates against dyslexic by further increasing the English and math standards required for teaching, alongside increasing the standards we are supposed to achieve. In doing so he has set standard I and my fellow disabled could never hope to reach.

Indeed this emphasis on English and maths though terribly popular amongst a people hardly renowned for it (i.e. the media) further stigmatises an already stigmatised class of people. I am sure you know who may of my fellows rot in prison – mostly due to their own fault but hardly helped by the almost total lack of positive role; models dyslexic teacher being akin to unicorns . Indeed beyond a few business people most dyslexics school life will be harsh extra English and ignorant teacher blaming us for are disability.

Then when we graduate, we are further belittled, we are refused to become teacher to help are fellows, we are prevented from joining the civil service (as there is a numerical and literal test) and thus can be of no aid there and we are excluded from the media and from other occupations.

I ask you how many dyslexics have failed to achieve their full potential because of the closed minded attitude which elevates spelling test above MA’s? How many other disabilities have to endure test which take no account of their disabilities, how many are asked to take lower wages, or excluded from the civil service due to a genetic mutation?

Therefore Sir I ask the party this one thing, outlaw this discrimination, rid are state of it, or we will be forced sir to seek justice in Europe and the ECHR. I ask the party to stand up for good decent people who only wish to see their children do well and wish not to treated like a social disorder. Indeed I ask nothing more than any minority for the government to waste a little time on us.

This letter and any further to it will be put on Twitter, for though, as no doubt you can tell, my grammar is awful. I have a considerable following and I would like them to see, despite some recent unfortunate comments the conservative party will always protect the weakest in are society and enforce the rights and liberties of those who have done nothing to forsake or be undeserving of them.


  1. So you have an MA and a BA but you're demanding a computer for your exam?? You've clearly managed to do alright without a computer so far haven't you?

    If you have dyslexia, that's unfortunate, and likely you'll suffer unfairly because of it. But nature is cruel, people are born with inherited genes and some have 'better' genes than others. While we all have a duty to ensure a basic standard of living to those who have genes that make them incapable of doing things as well as others, we shouldn't debase the value of our already devalued education qualifications to make these people feel better.

    If you genuinely have the abilities you profess to have then you will succeed in life, whether you take a computer into an exam with you or not. It's only the bad workman who blames his tools..

  2. I was allowed computers in my exams? This is about forcing dyslexics from certain professions