Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Missing prophets

I read it is a student of ideas. It seems clear to me that the earliest Yahweh only thinkers were followed by others each altering the ideas first set down. Namely that Israel’s woes were due to social inequity and pantheism and regardless of its theological meaning the puzzle I have remains.

Event as I see them

The people of the lands of Israel have a chief god call Yahweh – intermixed worth other gods.
A small sect of Yahweh only thinkers establish themselves
Israel in continually conquered the profits are the results of the Yahweh alone movements response to this

Missing bit

Then somehow, somewhere Israel become Jewish (as in monotheistic and adherent to the laws)
This is historical fact
So my question is this why does the Yahweh alone movement not celebrate the king who brought this about, why do they not proclaim the events and causes that brought about this revolution?

This has no real ramification of the highly dubious theological value of the prophets but is to my mind a very interesting question.
My thought is that the Yahweh alone movement did something it was ashamed of in order to achieve its ascendency.

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