Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Nullness of Nulls

As you may know most of my working life is taken up with NULL (s). From the design of a data map, to scoring and more importantly count of questions NULL (s) are key but what is a Null. Well the bourgeois inhabitants of are technocracy will say they are merely a unasked or unanswered question (as answering non applicable is leaving a question effectively unanswered). I, however, would disagree. NULL (s) are more than a simple binary switch between answered and unanswered, they are the Other in statistical form.

In Baudrillard brilliant book “In the shadow of the silent majority”, he warns his reader that the silent majority is exactly that, silent; they are akin to black holes, whose message we try and grasp vainly. Indeed this majority not only does not speak but actively distorts meaning imposed upon it. I cannot help but this that the language of the mass is the NULL, that great lack in our system of meaning. Thin on this try as we may we cannot decipher NULL(s) they refuse definition, they escape and distort meaning and they also are incalculable (trust me unless you NZ them they really are).

Thus we exclude them, we reject this voice as unworthy of us and it is here the NULL truly become Other to us, it becomes outside of are worldview, indeed, it so offend us that we take great effort to excluded its Otherness from our view. We excluded the Otheress of the NULL because we cannot understand it and because to fit are world view onto people means excluding there otherness thus we except the dominate structure of meaning and further exclude the Otherness of the scilent majority by it.

So what can we do to include the Otherness of Null (s), well brothers and sisters we cannot give meaning to the meaningless, we can only hope that the Nulls of the world unite for they have nothing to lose but there exclusion

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