Sunday, 9 December 2012

Oos 23122012

Order of service for December 23rd, Caversham heights, 10.30am

Call to worship: Titus 3 4-7

Advent liturgy

Hymn: H&P 232 Tell me the old, old story

Prayer of adoration

All age address: what is your favourite story?

·         This is a story of salvation
·         Birth of gods kingdom on earth

Prayer of thanksgiving

Hymn StF 627: Everyone needs compassion

Short welcome for peace candle: Isaiah 9: 6-7
Peace candle lit
Reading Luke 2 4-20 (can be done in two parts)
Prayers of confession / forgiveness
Hymn: StF 202 Hark the herald-angels sing

Sermon: true story of Christmas
Prayers for the coming of the kingdom

Hymn StF 216 See him lying on a bed of straw

Prayers for the housebound
Prayers of intercession
Lord's prayer

Hymn: H&P 135 Go tell in on the Mountain

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