Saturday, 26 October 2013

Oos Christ and Sex

Call to worship: Romans 8:38-39

Hymn: 488: You showed us mercy when we were in darkness  

Prayer of adoration 

Prayer of thanksgiving

All age address: We cannot embrace and push away at the same time 

*Hug pshy well trying to tell him off 

Hymn: 492: Christ be my leader 

Reading: 1 Corinthians 7 1-8

Reading: Romans 13 8-14

Reading: Matthew 15: 8-1

Lord prayer 



Christ virginal love is ideal

Sex within marragie 

Sex within love 

Don’t abuse others

Look after your children 

Neither permissive – bible does speak out against 

We cannot reconcile and chaste  

God always forgives 

Hymn Are you washed in the blood of the lamb 


Prayer of confession & forgiveness 

Hymn: 233: When Jesus came to Jordan 

Prayer of unity – StF 606 

Prayers of intercession

Hymn: How great they art 


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