Monday, 25 January 2016


As a floating voter for the first time in my life I’d thought I’d share some views with you guys!
Firstly I work for a company that does a lot of business in Europe and even the referendum is hurting us let along Brexit

Secondly I am a nationalist. I am fairly found of my country and believe that Britain should be sovereign.

So arguments I follow for IN:

·         UK trade a great deal with the EU
·         Like it or not Britain is in Europe (geographically)
·         I simply don’t believe in the out campaign future vision
·         Open boarders have been good for the UK and allowed British people get jobs in the EU
·         Some issue can’t be fixed at the national level
·         More globalised governance seems to be the way of the future
·         Don’t want Britain isolated
·         Massive step into unknown

Argument for Out:
·         The EU is undemocratic
·         The EU seems not to care about Britain
·         The EU interferes in matters which have nothing to do with trade
·         Having mass levels of low skilled immigration is not sustainable
·         People said not joining the Euro would spell economic ruin and yet it was our salvation
·         Look what the EU did to Greece
·         Britain is not culturally European
·         I don’t want the UK to be a part of a super state

Things we cannot possibly know 
What Brexit will bring

Where the EU project will end 

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