Saturday, 24 June 2017

Losing trust in God?

Trust in God

In the western world, believers have lost a great deal of doctrinal certainty, even if they talk about it loudly. There has been a loss of confidence in our ability to trace the works of God and broadly relay to the world what God has said. (P22, being dispel, Rowan Williams)

I often ask myself if the church has lost faith in God and for good reason: “Numbers attending church services have fallen by 12% in the past decade, to less than half the levels of the 1960s.” This was the first result I got when googling falling church attendance. The Methodist church is losing members at an alarming rate and our churches seem emptier by the day. Sometimes it feels easier to accept personal losses then this collective loss. 

I suspect this loss is made all the harder because we never talk of it So I ask you, people called Methodist do you trust God with the care of his church anymore? 
If we can’t see God at work in the church then it is no surprise we have lost our ability to see God at work in the world (trace the works of God) and to speak of God to those around us. 
So Let us assume that we see God as some benevolent absentee landlord. How are we going to abide in Him and He in us anymore? 

Gods answer: Trust me for just one more day, today! Just one more day, think of all the love I’ve shown you in the past and give me just one day. Seek me at work in the world, come to where you see me and reside with me there. Just one day is all I ask 

I truly believe Gods answer for our spiritually wounded church is rebirth. It just so happens that our church is limping through PMC (along with all the others). It is seeking God, learning to trust, learning that he was never absent just beyond our vision. It’s rather like rediscovering joys we felt long past. It is like entering into a relationship. There is a lot of confusion, inaction, debate but a wish to continue and a call from God to be in relationship with Christ and through Christ with him.
So can we trust God just for one more day? 

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