Friday, 16 July 2010

Lost at sea

Having read Mr Cleggs wittering on the government’s vague commitments to restoring liberty and decreasing the deficit I began to worry. I was worried that the collation had no end goal, no sole purpose and no ideal society.

Now I know the idea of ideological politics has waned in this age of collation, co-operation and Capitalist supremacy. We are taught and duly believe a lie. This lie is that ideological polices are blind and that any policy based on an ideology is bad. This was the new labour lie and the new collation has carried in on.
Yes ideology should not dominate a government but can anyone realistically say that the personality driven policies of new labour supposed the ideologically driven policies of the pre and post war governments. Examples: universal health care, pensions and even the extension of rationing.

You may disagree with the ideology and these policies but at least your disagreeing with a coherent set of ideas, at least your opposing an ideal a vision of how the world could be. Not just disagreeing with a certain person or personality.
Now the coalition has replaced “sofa” or personality politics with cabinet policy there seems to be a lack. Sure they agree on reducing the deficit (I doubt they truly agree on how) and they are all vaguely libertarian (well the central players are) but this is not a coherent plan for government. The worst result of this lack of a coherent plan can be seen by ring fencing the NHS.
If they were truly believer in smaller government they would have hung the consequences and opposed such a ring fence and if they where truly pro NHS they would have increased (far beyond what they have) the budget. But no, they under massive popular pressure concocted the half measure we have now.
My fear is that the legacy of this coalition will be the disappearance of the deficit (no mean feat) but also five years of vaguely pro libertarian policies inter mixed with popular authoritarian policies (i.e. the call for the ban on the Burkha, democracy village and the face book debacle).

Without a strong idea and thus strong commitment to a certain sets of idea and a certain place they want society to be (fairer, more liberated, more moral, Christian, Muslim ect) this coalition government is doomed to move nowhere.

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