Saturday, 3 July 2010

A prayer for the congo victims

Lord, you made this world so beautiful and bountiful but your creation has spread upon the glob like an infection, every hungery, ever greedy, ever destorying and these insane lust have cost mqany human lives.

Far from the lands of my people, far beyond where I have ever travelled there lies the pain and lost my own greeds and lust have cause. Far from my room lies the damaged and injured.

I can notembrace them lord though I have harmed them. So Lord in your might, so Lord in your power embrace the lost and injured. Take the souls of those wo have died, hold them tight unto you. Rebuild them save3 them, redeem them Lord.

I beg you to show the victims of your creations falings the mercy in heaven that there own brothers failed to show them in this life. I beg you also in the name of your own son jesus to show us that mercy which we have failed to show the least among us

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