Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Dear Mr. Cameron

In April this year I lost my jobs and despite living as long as I could off my savings I was eventually forced to request job seekers allowance. I want you to know I singed on in good faith, willing to be helped back into work. In fact I was willing to go back into any office based job.

I also want you to know I find your employees at the job centre to be useless, they refuse to accept dyslexia as a disability, they failed to sort out my national insurance numbers (an issue I solved on my own) they failed to even look at my CV. They gave no advice or guidance without being pushed and barely looked at the detailed record I kept of my job hunt, often asking question which a second glance to this list would have easily answered.

What, however, annoyed me most out of all this carelessness is that, though I had set myself a target of looking for five jobs, a day claimants only have to look for 3 a week! They treated me with no greater kindness or offered no greater assistance due to my clear commitment to finding work. In short no matter how hard you looked, you were treated the same, which is hardly fair.

I have now found myself a job, a 15,000 a year job. That is a wage decrease of £6,000 but I am still proud to have a job. I would still rather work for lower wages then stay of tax subsidised benefits for a second longer and there are many like me.
I understand the times ahead are going to be hard and I am thankful that my new employment has granted me a shield from the vacillations of state support and I am thankful my parent are kind enough to let me live with them and contribute to the net income of the house. Most of all, however, I am proud to be able to stand on my own two feet.

My message to you Mr. Cameron is simple. Unless unemployment explodes to stay the course, to remain faithful in our parties belief in private sector led recovery and in not indebting are future generations for our own gratification and I want you to know there are jobs out there for people willing to make concessions and even loose income. To remain steadfast in are belief that the British people will survive, survive though are families and are own hard work and survive to assist the state.

So when Mr. Cameron the opposition lampoon you and are party for serving vested interest or ideological cuts please remember me and the millions of hard working people who will carry on regardless, who will find new jobs and whose meagre incomes should not be taken by those unwilling to do as we would do. Whose wages should not go to support the idle or interest repayments to hostile governments forever in a day.


  1. Living with mam and dad is hardly standing on your own two feet, is it?

    I thought you said you were UKIP earlier today, not Tory.