Saturday, 23 October 2010

Get on your bus

Blaenau Gwent in Wales at 14.8 per cent
City of Kingston upon Hull at 14.5 per cent
Sandwell in the West Midlands, at 14.2 per cent

These towns have the undignified distinction of being the three areas of highest unemployment in the UK. Almost a fifth of people are not employed and yet the unemployed remain imprisoned in these dead end towns. We can think of many reason, to be honest, the long term unemployed are not the most mobile of people, they often fear finding housing and even free, parental, childcare elsewhere and so they stay here, enabled by a permissive state and ensnared by the same permissive state.

People who deeply love their families and communities and houses and work often move vast distances in search of a better job or job opportunities, they often take their children out of school several times in order, in the end, to give them better life chances and a better things. They do all of this not for state funded rewards but the reward in the knowledge that their children will not have to struggle as they had done or that a better life lies ahead.

Now those whose homes are guaranteed by the state and who bread is provided similarly and who care nothing for their shameless consumption of limited state resources or the life chance of their own children have no reason to move from the above death traps, nor should be parents and will never be made to move but there are those, deserving poor, willing to seek brighter tomorrows if the state will just assist them.

If the state will guarantee them housing in their new location and easy to accesses subsidy for transportation for a short transitionary (and even interview) period and assist them in finding jobs in these new and oft alien location. Then those who were ensnared by the state shall be freed; they will happily move away from the dead towns into living towns, into new productive live and better life chances of their children.

This may lead to the above great towns above dying out but it will liberate the ensnared inheritance from there pointless, worthless and functionless grips. If we want people to look nationally for jobs and I see no reason why not then we must support them. We must house them, support them and always be there for them, for in return for a new life they have forsaken the familiar for us. In short we must guarantee this new world is better than the old.


  1. Well, one thing most politicians choose to ignore is a) incentives are important, and b) they cannot be ignored...

  2. Moving to find work needs to become more a part of our culture, it is for the Americans.

  3. Don't i love it which part of this country is part of America? the main reason we are all in this is due to the Americans, banks and Politicians starting with Thatcher who sold off our jewels apart from the post office which Cameron is due to sell.