Wednesday, 29 December 2010

FPTP plus:

It is time I believe to sue for an honourable peace between those of us in favour of FPTP and those who seek a new electoral system and as we hold still the majority of the nation it is on are central principles that the new peace shall be formed.

Thus FPTP plus is still a system based on the sacrosanct principle of the ideal of one member on vote and the ideal of electing one representative for each constituency. We do not seek nor will we impose any percentile targets or entry requirements upon are system and nor shall we allow the ideal of choosing a candidate be tarnished or devalued.

Therefore I have formed a system that encapsulates these principles held so dear by the FPTP but also take some of the better ideals of AV (the idea of preferences and the idea that a wider base of votes should be calculated in the choice of representative).

Under FTPT plus there would thus be only one candidate chosen and this candidate would represent his constituency solely. The candidate however would be elected on the basis of a new system. The elector would be able to list all candidates in order of preference (as under AV) but they would also be able to vote one counter vote (a vote which would be taken away from the candidate chosen). The preferences would then be additionally turned into votes, 1st preferences would count as one vote, second preferences and a half of a vote and 3rd preferences a third of a vote and so on and so on.

The winning candidate would be the candidate who won the basis of all votes and anti-votes cast had a simple numerical majority over his opposing candidates. In this way all votes would count, even those who vote against the winning candidate and reduce his majority and also preferences would be treated fairly. I doubt there is any voter whose positive or negative vote would not be counted at least once.


  1. Weighting votes is an entirely spurious idea.

    You may *adore* your first preference, while I don't really give a monkeys about mine, just thinking them slightly better than the others.

    If you support weighting in anyway at all, then you would have to diminish the value of my first preference compared to your first preference.

    As it is clearly impossible to give any meaningful weightings to votes - the only sensible approach is for all votes to count the same.

  2. Oh yes treating 5th preference votes worth the same value as 1st is entirely fair; of course its not. My system preserve 1 person 1 vote yours gives some ppl 5 votes