Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Unspoken truths

There is something deeply wrong with the conservative party, something which we have as an organisation has sometimes ignored and fart too often indulged. This issue is at best worded as a server lack of mercy and as worse spiteful cruelty. Burke sums it up best for me by saying “men in velvet carriages should not complain about the rain”. What dose Velvet carriages and rain have to do with the conservative party and its cruelty.

Part of the issue at stake here is that the conservative is staffed by the upper ecilon of society, who are sadly too keen to lecture the poor on what they should do. They act as are Burkina man; they ride around in a Velvet carriage complaining bitterly about the rain. The second issue is that whilst the party knows the value of pragmatism it is unable to articulate it without being attacked for being the “nasty party” and if you attack well minded people enough, if you insult and pillory people enough they have a habit of becoming that which you attack them for.

This is not a letter of resignation from the party I love I is a letter of an honest conservative. A conservative who believe we are best when we are pragmatic but never when we are cruel or when we adopt are carriage view of the world.

Any reader of this blog will hopefully understand that I seek to combine hard choices with mercy and a better country. I believe that people in high unemployment areas should be helped to move for their own future good and the good of the nation but I do not believe we should starve them out or expect them simply to up an move because it is what we in are carriages would do.

So I hope this is taken in this vain. Short term unemployment due to cuts that support new business start up’s or increases in businesses activity are an acceptable price. Unemployment is never , however, a worthy price in order simply to cut taxes without an increase in the job rates. If and I mean if we are forced to make this terrible choice we must not crow about it or moralise about paper rounds or rag to riches fables or to treat the unemployed as criminals. We are to act mercifully, constructively and understand the terrible pain we are asking people to pay not to benefit them but to benefit the business that we know will eventually, yes eventually, benefit them.

It is pragmatism alone we must serve and we must promote the knowledge that we are building a better economy and that all this personal suffering is not good or righteous but necessary for the long term health of our economy and a far better option than drowning in a sea of pointless state funded jobs, driving away business and indebting future generations. So yes dear reader unemployment is a cost worth paying but braying about this terrible cost is terrible and inhuman and yes only business can save us but we must temper are pragmatism always with mercy.

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  1. Well said - Compassionate Conservatism has to be the best way forward. Great blog.