Wednesday, 9 November 2011

200 words for Christmas

It is with great joy that I write the Christmas message and my message is all about Joy. We Methodist have a saying; Jesus, Others, Yourself aka Joy. So how can we be joyful at Christmas, how can we put others and Jesus first?

Well dear reader you can be joyous by being like Jesus, by reaching out to others. We are all faced, with people whom we have little time for or who asks a lot from us. It is all too easy to turn from them; to just send them some empty gift in shiny wrapping but I want you to give of yourself, give them some forgiveness, some mercy or some of your time. In short gift the gifts of true value.

It is all too easy to give gifts brought with gold and not give of ourselves. Well give of yourself, be like Jesus, and give the gifts of the soul; the gifts of his love, the gift of his mercy. These gifts seem so costly to us but they are free, they flow from the farther, through the son to us and as freely as we have received so freely we must give. So this Christmas don’t give joy live Joy

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