Sunday, 29 January 2012

Why God made us:

Why God made us:

Its seems to me that a slight reworking of the original dogma is required as this question is really at the heart of why there is suffering in the world and to the nature of God; A nature which we are oddly unquestioning about.

So let us say this; God is the force of existence, he was imitating before the beginning and through his power all thing were created (via whatever theory science wises to predicate). He was interwoven in the creation of all things in the universe but did not direct it wholly. Man evolved and realised his situation a creature trapped in a world dominated by death and trapped without hope; so man cried out in prayer, cried out unto the force of creation and the force ./ the word became flesh.

The flesh God created the soul of man and brought forth solace and mercy into the world of man. He could not lift man from the world of suffering for this is the world of matter but he did create a world beyond matter in which the soul could immortally dwell. God thus was joined to man for his betterment but unable to understand his continuing despair and thus sought to be like man and become literal flesh via his son

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