Sunday, 20 May 2012

The crucified trinity

I am fairly sure most of the people gathered have heard and enjoy this familiar promise of God. Sorry did I just say familiar promise, I apologies; I meant to say this wonderful, saving, life affirming, cornerstone of my faith and the faith I share and we are blessed to share with billion but what does this mean, how did the death of Christ save man from the cost of sin? Indeed what does being the son of God mean? Well I don’t know – there you are an honest answer So what am I doing here? I am responding to a God who so loved his creation that he took on human formed and died so it may live Before I go on I know others don’t share this view of God or of the trinity And you know that is okay To me the trinity can be best understood on the cross It is the end of a story that starts with creation and ends on the cross Often this seen as the story of sin (Adam brought sin into the world and Jesus atoned for this) But from my view of the God who died on the cross it is a story of God’s love In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. He then created human kind, who disobeyed him God then exiled man from his presence So ensued the Old Testament – the history of Gods attempts to reconcile with his elusive creation At some point in this story God realised that prophets and visions were all well and good But he was going to have to intercede physically Now God faced a choice, he could rain down his vengeance on his creation Until it buckled under and became subservient to his will Or he could take the narrow and longer path He in the words of Wesley Emptied Himself of all but love, and bled for Adam’s helpless race He then started his work Spreading his word and his mercy throughout the land and started his slow walk to the cross All part of his divine plan Upon the cross God endured even death in order to become part of our lives He gave up his life in order to pay the cost of sin and redeem man kind Even after paying this enormous cost, even after his own creation rejected him God came again (on Pentecost) and this time he never left our mortal world. So when I look upon the cross I do not just see Jesus hanging there But Yahway having taken off his crown to hang and suffer there.

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