Monday, 21 May 2012

Isaiah 6:1-8 V2

Children’s address: Today we mark the golden jubilee of our Queen Now I wonder if any of you know what jubilee means? Biblically it comes from Leviticus 25. It was a day set aside by the Lord. One to be filled with trumpet and celebration. A time when the nation of Israel would declare Liberty throughout the land and a day of family reunion. The Golden jubilee is slight different. It marks the queens 50th year upon the throne of Britain Today I wish to talk about celebrating the majesty of a different monarch the king of kings of Israel We have just heard about Isaiah meeting with God. The King of all creation and the God of the Jews Jehovah. As the reading said, when Isaiah saw God he was upon a golden throne with angels all around him signing his praise. So what was it like for Isaiah standing before God – well. Now none of you are “wise” enough to remember the first jubilee but I am sure some of the wiser member of the congregation does. So what does the congregation remember of the queen or the jubilee? Think of all those images, the soldiers in uniform, the golden carriages and thrones and all the servant buzzing around the queen. I wonder what you would be like if you had to speak with the queen and receive an important task? Now I wonder what it would be like to stand before the King of Kings. I wonder what you would like if you were stood before God and receive an important task? Isaiah was clearly scared, scared because he felt unworthy, unclean, unable to stand before the King of King. But God had not called Isaiah to scare or judge him God had called Isaiah to carry Gods message to Israel This message was to bring God’s people closer to God Because God loved us then and love us know and want to join with us. Unlike are queen he cannot simply descend from heaven surrounded by angels So he called people to him (we call these people prophets) Despite all the grandness and wonder of Gods Kingdom But still despite people like Isaiah God people refused to hear him So God decided to do something stage I am not sure I would give up golden thrones and angelic servants would you? He gave up his golden thrones and his angels and took mortal flesh He did this because he loved his creation more then all his golden thrones and all the angelic choirs So that though we may sometimes feel like Isaiah approaching or praying to God We should remember that he loved us so much he gave up all of those wonderful things for us

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