Saturday, 19 May 2012

Isaiah 6:1-10

Children’s address: Today we mark the golden jubilee of our monarch. Now I wonder if any of you know what jubilee means? Biblically it comes from Leviticus 25. It was a day set aside by the Lord. One to be filled with trumpet and celebration. A time when the nation of Israel would declare Liberty throughout the land and a day of family reunion. The Godlen jubilee is slight different. It marks her majesties 50th year upon the throne of Britain So today I wish to talk about celebrating the majesty of a different monarch the king of kings of Israel We have just heard about Isaiah meeting with God. The King of all creation and the God of the Jews Jehovah. As the reading said, when Isaiah saw God he was upon a golden throne with angels all around him signing his praise. Think of all the colour and ceremony surrounding the monarch of Britain. Times it by a million and you may get close to the wonderment surrounding God Before whom poor Isaiah stood alone Isaiah was clearly scared, scared because he felt unworthy, unclean, unable to stand before the King of King. Indeed until being cleansed and forgiven of his sins. Isaiah was in a terrible panic and fear one a million time worse than if we stood before our queen. But God had call Isaiah for a purpose, not merely to scare him or impress him and this purpose was almost as terrifying as this vision of God It was not to bring Israel closer to God but to Make the heart of this people hard, make their ears dull and close their eyes. # Do you think this is a loving or caring God? Or a scary and fearsome God? Well despite his might and his anger and despite the people of Israel’s continual disobedience he still wanted to commune with them. So we turn are thoughts to today. Today is Trinity Sunday a difficult and complex day A day when we rejoice in the glory of majestic God, served by all the angles in heaven Today we also give thanks for Jesus, for the fact that the majestic God took human form and suffered for us. We also give then that the majestic god has remained with us as the holy spirit. Whilst we may find the majestic God fear inspiring and off putting and hard to approach. We celebrate gladly that he sent men and his own self to soften the hearts of men. We today should be gladful that we can share in his glory and will be one day join with his ageless glory Made us clean by his son, kept us clean in his holy spirit So we can stand peaceful in his majestic glory as Isaiah did before us

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