Tuesday, 20 August 2013

prayer of confession and forgiveness 25082013

Prayers of confession and forgiveness
Take the nail you were given at the start – hold it in your hands, this nail represents the anger we have towards God. When called on please thrown them away in the buckets at the front
(Bold is everyone – normal is me)

We will now pray
I have done wrong lord
I have broken your laws Lord
I have not loved you
I have not loved others

I have judge others
I have rejoiced in their short comings
When they have hurt me I have made careful record
I have stored up their sins against me  

Even you lord
I have grab hold of the time you were not there for me
I have a list of your failing
I even dared to judge you Lord

I have built walls from you
Walls of hate and anger
Walls of judgement and hypocrisy
I have used these walls to hide from you

I have done all of this
And accused you and others for the cost of it

Take your nails brothers and sisters and thrown it way,
This symbol of your hate and angry
This symbol of the poison, of our sickness
Be rid of it
Rid yourself of it
Reject hate and embrace Love
Reject the devil and embrace once more the lord
Come thrown the nails away

Rid me lord of my hate
Rid me lord of my anger
I have no use of it
I have no need of it
It is too much to carry it
It is too much to hold

(congregation come up and thrown the nail away) – organ plays softly and tenderly / what a friend we have in Jesus

You stand forgiven
You stand once more in the palace of the lord
Freed from your anger and hate
You stand once more in harmony with your father

So let us celebrate are forgiveness by the sharing of it
I forgive those who have harmed me
I forgive those who have injured me
I even forgive those who have done evil

I stand forgiven; for the lord have taken my hate
He has replaced it with his saving love

I stand forgiven; for the lord have taken my angry
He has replaced it with his healing mercy 
In stand forgiven cleansed by the blood of Christ

For Gods mercy is greater than are hate
For God’s love is stronger than my anger
For God is worth of adoration

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