Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Prayers of dedication

Prayer of dedication
“The days are coming, declares the Lord,
    when I will make a new covenant

I will put my laws in your minds
    and write them on your hearts.

I will be your God, and you will be my people.
You are my people because you all know me,
 from the least of you to the greatest.
you are my people because you have forgiven other in my name

Because you have done this I have forgiven you wickedness

Because you have done this I adopt you as my children

Brother and sister let us affirm our covenant with God

We affirm with glad heart and free wills
Our faith in the life and resurrection of Christ
That God has granted each of us the gift of his holy sprit
And through his son paid for our sins

I am no longer my own but my Gods
I give you my life to serve Gods will
I give up myself to further his glory

Whatever my come in this life
Wherever my lord sends me
Whatever task my father has set aside for me
In the good times and the bad
I will only say let your my lords will be done
I will place his calling before my self
I will do his work before the work of this world
I will serve his people before my self

I ask only this of you lord.
When I turn from the broken of the world you open my eyes once more
When I refuse to hear your call, you make me hear
When I fail you lord your forgive me
And when I cannot carry your cross you walk with me and we shall carry it forever

We have made this affirmation and we shall live it
Not because it shall earn us forgiveness
Not because it shall gain us golden houses in the kingdom to come
Not even to be counted first in heaven

We have made it out of thanksgiving for the mercy of the lord
We have done made it as an act of love for his mercy
We have done it to build his kingdom of low
We have done it for he has written his law on our hearts
We have done it because he set us free from sin.

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