Thursday, 6 January 2011

Blue feminism:

I start this blog with an admission, I am a man and not only a man a single man with no experience of the world of women which according to traditional conservative norms makes me ideal to write about what passes for conservative feminism.

The first principle of conservative or blue feminism; women are just a precious and worthwhile in any society; Conservatism has often been terribly guilty of treating women as lesser then men, of lesser worth and thus deserved to be relegated to the domestic sphere. This normative assumption has been the curse of blue feminism and those women who agree with it further principle has had to wage war on the grounds of equality.

The second principle; is that the domestic sphere is equal in importance to the economic and political sphere. Without the domestic sphere there is no social sphere without the domestic sphere and there is no civilisation, worthy of its name, without the social and domestic sphere. It is not unworthy simple because it is an unpaid sphere of human activity nor is it subservient to the economic sphere as without an active and attractive domestic / social sphere what is the purpose of the economics sphere.

Are third and most important understanding is that women far from being temptress are moral guardians of the social sphere, it is they by there unpaid labour who create and maintain this space and it is they via their child rearing and social assistance and guidance to those in need who enforced wider moral norms. Indeed one of the worse crimes of modern feminism is by tearing women away from this moralising network, they have made them either immoral or victims of the evil lusts of man.

So blue feminism seeks first; via the organic separation of economics, to refill the domestic sphere and reenergise the social sphere as well as protect and empower women to take their full sovereignty over these spheres and are empowered together to once again take up there moral mantle and led the vanguard in the moralisation of our society.

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