Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Letter to my MP

Dear Mr Wilson.

I would like a question asked about the lack of dyslexics rights asked in the house.
I was recently made redundant and I am once again looking for jobs, after having previously been denied jobs because they required handwritten work. I again face being denied the opportunity to apply for jobs because they require a hand written application or require a GCSE in maths (a qualification I could never pass as I am dis-calculate but a disability Excel enable me to copes with). Indeed in my employed life I was a data analyst.

The sheer amount of soft discrimination those of use with learning disabilities have to face is further complicated by the DDA which only covers server dyslexics (whatever this means) and only covers us once in employment. Even once at work I have been insulted due to minor errors in grammar with no hope of recourse and even the charities set up for dyslexics fail to seek further protection for learning disabilities under the DDA.

Yours sincerely:

Symon Turner (BA – MA)

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