Wednesday, 19 January 2011


I joined the conservative party over ten year ago because of its Eurosceptic stance. I have always seen the EU as an overly centralist, overly bureaucratic and often overly supra-nationalistic organisation. In short I do not like it and I would prefer it if the UK was not any part of its political arrangements but instead dealt with the EU via mutual trading relationship alone. I, however, recognise that even these trading relationship would require the EU some say in are laws.

I was never a Eurosceptic in tooth and claw, yes I oppose it but I also believe the EU is a trading power and represents a large trading power with which Britain must deal, ideally from a position of a wider trading network then we currently enjoy. Also a relationship based on mutual respect and co-operation rather than a relationship built of grudging anger and viscous Eurosceptic rhetoric that has marked Britain’s attitude to Europe since the days of Elizabeth the 1st .

What I see is thus not an angry, embittered and ill thought out total rejection of the EU that both UKIP and the irrational wing of the of the Eurosceptic wing would have, an approach that would harm not only Britain’s economy but Britain future prospects, as we would have really let the lunatic run the asylum.

Instead I believe we must build up a truly international trade centred foreign policy whilst tying to cement an anti-federalist majority within the EU and certainly finding trading partners for are post EU future. We must always seek to reform the EU into accepting more trading partners as well as seeking to create a unlimited trading sphere in which all nations may trade freely with one another, a sphere free from government interference and the massive globalised businesses which have dominated international trade and which has led to support for supra national governments.
My point is just as we should look toward trade as our salvation, we must not look towards supra national governments like the EU to provide this nor look toward supra national business to dominate it. Either of these futures is unfit for Britain and would see it diminishment as an international and sovereign power. The EU is not the sole emery here, it is transnational organisations and their massive powers and centralising tendencies.

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