Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Why vote conservative:

There are many reasons why to vote for the conservative party in the up and coming election the clearest is that we are the most honourable and honest party; this bi-election has been solely caused by the illegal activities of the last labour candidate, who cared more for his own election then the social harmony of your constituency.

Another reason is that the conservative party is the only party able to deal with crime; Ken Clark is busying himself to bring prison reform through particle prison based work system; making prisoners pay for both their crimes and there room and board whilst ending the shameful and waste of mass short prison sentences and removing the pointless and frequently broken ASBOS with the right of local community to physically ride themselves of bad neighbours.

In addition to dealing with crime and making prisons work the conservative party has also fought against the tyranny of terror by both fighting terrorist and fighting back an overly intrusive state that has overridden are traditional liberties with massive and overly expensive databases and the imposition of the surveillance society alongside illegal surveillance orders which in vain try to control are enemies but end up simply controlling the decent and law abiding citizens. Unlike some others, the conservative party will not sacrifice are diversity or are liberty in order to fail to curb terrorism but we will fight and tackle extremism in all its forms wherever it may rear its hate filled head.

It is also the conservative party that had saved and will continue to secure the private sector led, manufacturing led real recovery from the shameful overspend of the last regime and from the repercussion of the global collapse. We are doing this by localising power from distant costly QUANGOS and RDA to local development agencies as well as decreasing business taxes and regulations. Indeed Mr. Cameron has been busy creating new trade connections with the new emerging market. It is a notable achievement of the conservative lead government that we have lifted the poorest from paying tax and also are reforming wholly the welfare state to make work pay and talking to businesses to learn how to help them create jobs and to help them, help us out of this mess.

There are many, many other reason to vote for the conservative party; we are the only party opposed to the takeover of Britain by the EU, we are the only party without a particle and merciful immigration policy and we are the only party with an active and trade orientated foreign policy and the party of peace ending the wasteful war in Afghanistan. In the end you should vote for the conservative party because together we will remake Britain, we will make it strong and fair and free once again.

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