Saturday, 13 August 2011

The economic conflagration and you.

So you dear reader are like me; employed in what seems a prosperous and thriving company, your income has not fallen and if you have any debts the rates you are paying to service them will have most probably dropped. So what is there to fear from the global economic conflagration and why is everyone so upset about it anyway.

There is an excellent book / poem (yeah you read right poem) called the grumbling hive, in this piece the author describes the entire economy like a hive of bees, millions of individuals bees labour and strive and the outcome of all the millions of individual action is the market. I sometime think that the global economic system looks to us as the hive must look to the bee. Oh we sort of know we are a part of it but when we look upon it we see something gigantic disorder and almost wholly detached from us.

So why should us lowly bees care about the giant economic hive. Well let’s start with are employed status. We receive money for are labour, we buy things with this which in turns provides other with their labour and the whole labour circle is entered in. The trouble is we only buy, when we feel it safe to do so. I.e. if consumer confidence is low people don’t like to buy stuff.
Yes, yes, all fairly basic stuff so what causes a recession, well first what is a recession. Every nation calculates the amount of business they generate called GDP, if GDP falls for 6 months (2 quarters) then you’re in a recession and they are common. Now there are many causes for recession; if we look at the most recent it was caused by massive levels of debt.

The current economic conflagration is caused by national government effectively buying this debt from the banks. Nations which were already in debt, incurred more debt to buy these banks and their bonds. Therefore national debt increased and the amount government paid for this debt effectively rested on their credit rating. As you know the better your chances of paying back the cheaper you can borrow; well it’s the same for nations.

So the amount nations had to pay (an amount funded by tax) increase at the same time due to lack of credit in the economy and decrease demand due to falling consumer confidence, unemployment level rose and thus tax take decreased. The worse this paradox was the worse a nations credit rating and the more likely they be unable to pay their debts (some owned to foreign banks) and thus the more likely these banks where to fail and thus the worse consumer confidence and higher loan rates.

This circle of contraction is normally slowed by the birth of new businesses and a expansion of government spending. The expansion of government spending is impossible as they have increasing problems merely servicing there debt and the growth of new business have been effected by the banking crises, which lead to a glut of credit in the system and a lack of consumer demand caused by economic uncertainty and high employment.

Sunday, 7 August 2011


I awoke before the lord of host sat before, with all nations bowing before him, he was sitting as a judge before them sorting the wheat from the chaff.

The lord spake:
I have held my judgment from the tribes of the earth for my eon, my son convinced me to hold my hand for they had been saved by him and by the work of my grace but I look upon the tribes and I cry bitter tears, I have freed then, I have saved them and they cut me to the bone with their sins. Look child, look at the wounds they have inflicted upon me.
Two angles spake

“I am Guantanamo and I am Some , we have been exiled from your world, we have been taken and whipped, we were rapped and tortured to satisfy the lust of evil men. No man looks upon us, not even with shame for what they have done to us”.
“Lord what do you want of me, I have innocent against your angelic host. I have never seen them or heard there cries; I am blameless for your injuries for I have kept your laws and venerated your son as you commanded Lord. What do you need of a mortal man like me
And thus the Lord spake.

You have walked in the desert for too long, you have been your own master for too long, you have blinded yourself and left the people to their own fate. You have closed you heart to my word and close your hand to me and I have burned you for it, I have burned you with the flame of the sprit to make you pure, to reform you as my vessel so I give the word to give to my people. You will leave the desert and enter the world of man once more.
I awoke once more in the world of men with the news of the word within me and it burned like the sun within my soul, even if I had not wished to shine this light unto the people I would have or yhr flesh cage would have weekend and burned off.

This is what the lord said unto me:
The lion has fallen, the great beat of the west has finally fallen, it has been rotten from within, it has been poisoned by the Lord. Look oh Israel, look at your great guardian rot and fall, look how he is laid low before the earth because he has forsaken the law.
Oh Israel he roared his fealty, he erected temple unto me but he never worshiped there; he worshiped in shrines to himself. To has erect shine upon shrine to himself, he has made a mockery of the shines he erected unto me, yah he has made them a physical sign of his hearsay and faithlessness .

You oh faithless Israel have placed you faith in bows and horses, in the ore of the earth and not in the maker of the earth. I have lifted my vengeful hand from you and gifted you food so bountiful that no man could go without and yet the poor are still with you the wealthy man still lords over them and you still horde your earth gains as proof of your lack of faith in me.

I will make you weep Israel your lion will be consumed by ants, your neighbours who you have turned into enemies will sweep you into the sea, they will sweep way your insetiouse leaders and blinded priests. Your nation was born in blood and has wallowed like a pig in blood and it will be swept from the face of the earth in blood.

I found my voice and spake thusly.

Lord there our good people, people who care for the poor and house the homeless; there are those who have carried the cross of Christ before them and whom have kept your laws. There are more than fifty good men in every town of every tribe on earth. I beg you lord of Host spare us for these men.

The lords final judgement:
Good men! Do not speak unto me of good men! There are none, they serve evil men; they serve evil forces and corrupt leaders. Age after age after age of the poor and the disposed all caused by the whim of evil men and whom do you blame me. Your good men visit their sins upon me, not only do their sins scare me but they perjure me.

They dress as innocent men but dress there temple to me like whores, there children dress like whores and there whores like children. The good men, the evil men who am I to tell them apart, even the good men worship themselves m, worship their own false wisdom, even these men make my gospel the whore of man. Nay there are no good man, there is no decent man, nay I say.

So my hand will be withdrawn, my spirit will be withdrawn from the world of man least you treat it like my angles and make a whore of it. My judgement will be seen though the tribes who have forsaken me, without the lion they will consume themselves, they will be like savages again, evil will build upon evil, dead body will pile upon dead body. You will see it and proclaim surely the holocaust was but naught compared to this.
Yeah on Israel you will lament at this cannibalism, you will reap the fruits of the evil and greed that you have sown and tended in lieu of my temple and regarding my law. Woe oh Israel as you see your inescapable fate. This is the judgement of the lord.