Thursday, 31 January 2013

How to save the Tory party

It is with the deepest regret, that I have recently had to see the decline of my beloved party. There was once a day when Tory party policy advantaged all, when we sought to raise all people up. There was a time when we would have wept in his same to overseen a stagnating economy, with unemployment so high.

This was before the dark day when the do nothing’s, when the so-called ultra-liberals took over the party. Their fundamentalist beliefs that government intervention in any form is only self-defeating has led us not to be the party of governance but to be the party of inaction. It is simply not good enough to very, very slowly reduce corporation tax and take a few poor men out of taxation in these harsh times. To put it bluntly, it is not enough to have a no policy, policy on the economy any more.

It is time for the Tory party action once more, to gird our loins and actually have a policy for growth. It is time for tax breaks for exporting businesses, it is time to build houses and for the government to guarantee loans to house builders . It is time to cut corporation tax and to cut tax on all capital investment in this country. Alongside this we need a three year tax-free period for all new businesses, and a five-year one for all new physical retail businesses. It is also time to end all tax credits (apart from those for childcare) and take more people out of taxation altogether. It is also time for the government to provide start-up capital in areas with limited childcare capacity.

We should also guarantee housing for people who move out of the low employment areas into areas of higher employment, alongside a new intensive course for all people who seek employment, eventually extending this scheme to all people who wish to improve their current standard of living. We need to abolish the job centers as they stand and replace them with online application and intensive job training centers targeted to find people employment regardless of length of time unemployed.

We will refund this from a scrapping of Trident and a ruthless suppression of all official expenses and luxuries. We will fund this with debt if necessary and cuts if possible. We will also seek to legalize as many currently illegal substances as it is prudent to do so. Alongside this we will legalize prostitution. We will scrap H2S and give half the money to train firms to do as they wish as well as allow private road construction, funded through tolls. We do not take these measures lightly, but when UK plc needs new revenues it is silly not to explore them when there are already people taking and using these things.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

10 Predictions for 2013

1: The euro crises will rumble on but slowly resolve it self
2: The US / EU grip on international organisations will be further weakened
3: The EU will go into a recession reducing the most of the Euro
4: EU leaders with threaten exit but not do anything
5: Japan’s economy will continue to stagnate
6: China will increase her economic influence in the US and EU
7: More talk but no action on Syria
8: Coalition will threaten to split but remain together
9: UK sluggish recovery will continue
10: Basically 2012 mark 2