Sunday, 5 February 2017

New Psalm

Oh great saviour call me now longer
My flesh and soul is so tired
I can endure no more sunrise, I can take no more steps
I wish to dream no more
For my youth has escaped me, it is like a mirage to me
I am tired and my enemies gnaw at my soul
By day they pursue me as the wolves chase it pray
And by night they rain knives upon me

Life your grace from me my savour
Free me from your list of those whom you beloved
Let me slide into darkens
Let me awake to dream no more
Call me know more
Shine in my soul no more
Forsake me! Disregard me!
Let me die, this alone is my salvation!

You saviour will not leave me
When all else flee you are my refuge
Before creation you have guided my feet
Before creation you have been my protector, my principle and my friend in you we have always put our hearts
You are the great storehouse of love and mercy  
In time of trouble or drought we can turn to you Saviour and your living water shall flow 4

You have proven your faithfulness with scares and blood
In your there is no death or fear
With you I am blessed to walk all the days of my life. You are always with me
Do not be far from me in this time of trial
For you are my father and I your child

And in me you are proud