Monday, 26 August 2013


Symon Turner

Personal Profile:

I am an enthusiastic, creative and dedicated individual who until recently was employed as an Operations Analyst at Westcoast, an IT distribution company, dealing with high levels of complex data and customer and marketing databases via Excel.  I have achieved a Masters degree in Political Theory and a 2-1 BA (Hons) degree in Public Policy and Management studies.  During my three years at Westcoast I gained a reputation for problem solving, clear thinking and strong project implementation skills, as well as excellent team working, working closely with the HR and sales teams. I am looking for a role in data reporting and I have always been interested in delivering the best data solutions possible.

Key achievements:

  • Created Westcoast reporting structure: There was none when I started and I instigated all reports
  • Created all of Westcoast various databases, utilising only existing data
  • Created various KPI tracking reports utilising Excel
  • Mastered Excel including pivot tables and v-lookups
  • Used SAP to gain information form
  • Provided a uniform customer and product tracking system linked in with risk and ensuring accesses for both sales and product teams

Employment Experience:

Westcoast LTD: Arrowhead Park, Arrowhead Road, Theale, RG7 4AH:  May 2007- April 2010

Westcoast: October 2009 – April 2010   Operation and System Analyst

·         Migrated Westcoast’s entire reporting system on to Qlikview:
I achieved without disruption to the reporting function at Westcoast.  Also managed via Qlikview to increase the range and depth of the reports produced.

·         Merging databases:
Merged XMA’s company database into Westcoast’s database within a tight three day deadline and monitored the database thereafter. Utilising SAP to gain information from XMA

·         Liaising with all departments within the business:
Acted as a bridge between other departments and IT.  Understanding both the business need and the systems required to meet these, and communicating this to IT.

·         Analysing and resolving operational issues:
Resolved issues surrounding a customer rebate system by creating a new system and new reports.  Resolved issues around a complex recording and usage system by creating new guidelines.

·         Training and Knowledge Transfer:
Trained staff in Excel.  Provided Excel and other system based advice and guidance to all Westcoast employees.

Westcoast: November 2007 – October 2009        Information Co-ordinator
·         Created and implemented all of Westcoast’s Marketing and Sales databases.  Liaised with IT to utilise information in a more efficient way.  Administered and managed these databases.
·         Created ah-hock sales reports for business
·         Date entry of customer details and product and stock level
·         Management of customer rebates:
·         Trained staff in Excel
·         Created a reliable and accurate customer rebate, accrual, monitoring and payment system.
Westcoast: May 2007 – November 2007                Sales administrator

·         Providing customer quotes and stock level information to customers through statistical, customer focused reporting.  Processing customer orders, dealing with customer enquiries, assisting customers with technical assistance. 

Technical skills:
·         Computer literate with a proven track record in using Microsoft Office as well as other database software – undertook VBA training
·         High attention to detail and processes:
·         Excellent Excel skills including pivot tables and v-lookups
·         Ability to work to tight deadlines:
·         Managing companywide reporting, ensuring all reports were produced according to schedule.
·         Problem solving:
·         I was responsible for creating new reports by overcoming systems issues and utilising Microsoft Office, VBA and Qlikview
Personal skills:

·         Good with people and able to communicate with a wide range of people
·         Friendly and well mannered
·         Effective communicator
·         Dedicated and loyal

Education and Qualifications:

November 2009
VBA Training

2005 – 2006
MA in Political Theory, University of Essex

2002 – 2005
2-1 BA (Hons) Public Policy and Management Studies, DeMontfort University: Leicester
Merit HND Public administration, DeMontfort University: Leicester

1994 – 2002
AVCE Business: C C, Highdown Sixth Form
5 GCSE’s Grades B-C


·         Reading: both fiction and none fiction
·         Politics: I tweet and blog and keep well informed
·         History: visiting British historical monuments
·         Church: I assist them with their AV and I am door steward
·         Grading

References available on request

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Being angry with God Oos

Order of service: 25082013

Call to worship: Matthew 11:28-29

28 “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

I am sorry my friends that I cannot say this will be an easy service, there may be time when the good news seems far of but let our first hymn be always in are hearts, let our first hymn be the message of this service 

Hymn H&P 559: What a friend we have in Jesus

Prayer of adoration / Thankgiving
Hymn: StF 526: Lord of all hopefuless

Being angry with god intro
·        God on a pedestal
·        God the vengeful and ever judgmental
·        Pain and suffering falls on us all
·        You can harm someone but not sin against them

Reading: Psalm 13 1-4
Reading: Jeremiah 20:7-10

Short talk on how to walk with God
·         When we our anger bring it to God
·         God knows our pain
·         God walks with us
·         He will wait for us  

Reading: John 6 35-40

Reading: John 3: 16-18


·        Hate destroys our relationship with God

·        God will heal us

·        We must forgive to be forgiven

Sometimes when we are angry or in pain we make matter worse by judging God reaction or by missing his call – our next hymn reminds us that Jesus is always calling to us no matter how far we are from him

Hymn:  Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling

Lived prayer of forgiveness and confession

Lord's prayer (Sung)

Ofertory (collected but brought up during the prayer of dedication – just left on alter)

Prayer of dedication

Why does God pursue is? Why does he never repay are hate with hate because God is love because he loves us, because we our his chosen children – are next hymn is a hymn of celebration of this reality

Hymn Stf 443: Come let us sing a wonderful love

Prayers of petitions / intersession

All age address:
·         Ask them how they’d cross various obstacles
·         The obstacles we put between us and God 
·         What God done to come to them

If we allow God to find us, he will change us from this earthly glory to his glory, his love is transforming turning our anger into love – so let us rejice in this reforming love with our last hymn

Hymn: Stf 503: Love divine, all love excelling


Prayers of dedication

Prayer of dedication
“The days are coming, declares the Lord,
    when I will make a new covenant

I will put my laws in your minds
    and write them on your hearts.

I will be your God, and you will be my people.
You are my people because you all know me,
 from the least of you to the greatest.
you are my people because you have forgiven other in my name

Because you have done this I have forgiven you wickedness

Because you have done this I adopt you as my children

Brother and sister let us affirm our covenant with God

We affirm with glad heart and free wills
Our faith in the life and resurrection of Christ
That God has granted each of us the gift of his holy sprit
And through his son paid for our sins

I am no longer my own but my Gods
I give you my life to serve Gods will
I give up myself to further his glory

Whatever my come in this life
Wherever my lord sends me
Whatever task my father has set aside for me
In the good times and the bad
I will only say let your my lords will be done
I will place his calling before my self
I will do his work before the work of this world
I will serve his people before my self

I ask only this of you lord.
When I turn from the broken of the world you open my eyes once more
When I refuse to hear your call, you make me hear
When I fail you lord your forgive me
And when I cannot carry your cross you walk with me and we shall carry it forever

We have made this affirmation and we shall live it
Not because it shall earn us forgiveness
Not because it shall gain us golden houses in the kingdom to come
Not even to be counted first in heaven

We have made it out of thanksgiving for the mercy of the lord
We have done made it as an act of love for his mercy
We have done it to build his kingdom of low
We have done it for he has written his law on our hearts
We have done it because he set us free from sin.

prayer of confession and forgiveness 25082013

Prayers of confession and forgiveness
Take the nail you were given at the start – hold it in your hands, this nail represents the anger we have towards God. When called on please thrown them away in the buckets at the front
(Bold is everyone – normal is me)

We will now pray
I have done wrong lord
I have broken your laws Lord
I have not loved you
I have not loved others

I have judge others
I have rejoiced in their short comings
When they have hurt me I have made careful record
I have stored up their sins against me  

Even you lord
I have grab hold of the time you were not there for me
I have a list of your failing
I even dared to judge you Lord

I have built walls from you
Walls of hate and anger
Walls of judgement and hypocrisy
I have used these walls to hide from you

I have done all of this
And accused you and others for the cost of it

Take your nails brothers and sisters and thrown it way,
This symbol of your hate and angry
This symbol of the poison, of our sickness
Be rid of it
Rid yourself of it
Reject hate and embrace Love
Reject the devil and embrace once more the lord
Come thrown the nails away

Rid me lord of my hate
Rid me lord of my anger
I have no use of it
I have no need of it
It is too much to carry it
It is too much to hold

(congregation come up and thrown the nail away) – organ plays softly and tenderly / what a friend we have in Jesus

You stand forgiven
You stand once more in the palace of the lord
Freed from your anger and hate
You stand once more in harmony with your father

So let us celebrate are forgiveness by the sharing of it
I forgive those who have harmed me
I forgive those who have injured me
I even forgive those who have done evil

I stand forgiven; for the lord have taken my hate
He has replaced it with his saving love

I stand forgiven; for the lord have taken my angry
He has replaced it with his healing mercy 
In stand forgiven cleansed by the blood of Christ

For Gods mercy is greater than are hate
For God’s love is stronger than my anger
For God is worth of adoration

Saturday, 10 August 2013

John 14:6 Oos

Order of service TV

Call to worship: Psalm 119 Verses 41-48 (The Message)

Hymn: Stf 55: Immortal, invisible, God only wise
Prayer of adoration
Prayer of thanks giving

(T1) All age address (what is true?)
·         Show some true / fake thing
Hymn: Stf 477: teach me to dance to the beat of your heart

T2 Talk (or better still testimony) about how Jesus is the truth

Reading: John 14 (altered)
Reading: John 8 (altered)

Hymn Stf 252: Jesus the lord said I am the bread  
T3 Talk on the truth of Jesus (guarantee of salvation)

Hymn: Stf 632: I’ve had question without answers
Lord's prayer
Prayer of confession & forgivness:
Prayers of intercession

T4 talk on how Jesus is the truth (different speaker then T2)
Hymn: H&P: Come, ye faithful, raise the anthem