Friday, 3 June 2016

Voting in the EU referendum

My view is basically it depends on what is most important for you
So a quick guide to the EU & UK:

Economic - leaving would cause a short to medium turn down turn the the UK economy - EU likely to be very hard toward us

Sovereignty - EU stops having any say in UK law, many EU laws still on UK's books
Immigration - UK can stop EU national coming to the UK - won't end all migration either legal or illegal. Harder for Brits to live / work in EU
Human rights - UK still a signature of the ECHR we could end this. Britain has a good historic record on this so I am not afraid on this score
Workers / Social rights - probably diluted but it really depends of the kind of government Britain elected post brexit
NHS - really no impact to be honest either way
Farming - loss of EU subside so loss of some smaller farms but UK agriculture is pretty robust
Jobs: Some will be lost - my guess is in the hundred thousands
War: utter red herring on both sides, should be ashamed of themselves
That is all I can think off
I am out because for me I don't feel European and all the treaties won't change this so I can not vote for more Europe