Monday, 25 February 2013

The sacramental church

Jesus said the end of days will come like is a thief in a night, we shall not know the appointed hour only the Lord God in heaven did. His advice was that we should prepare, that we should live and breathe for it, that the end of days was not something to be feared but celebrated. Celebrated because it was a day that the Lord and his creation will be joined together; the physical world and the spiritual world of the Lord thy God of Israel would at last be one.

The day of judgement did not come, the end of human history did not arrive on time, man’s reign upon this earth did not ebb but grew. As the kingdom of man grew so the kingdom of God shrank, firstly God’s spirit was replaced by man’s will via man’s Church. Then the authority of the holy Church itself was displaced by the authority of man’s kingdom aka the state and then God’s truth was replaced with man’s truth. Finally in these end days we see God’s wisdom replaced by the wisdom of man by humans and philosophy morality and science.

Who needs God any more in a world where miracle are replaced by medicine, when Gods singular truth is replaced with a plurality of ideas were all division is resolved into meaninglessness. What need do we have to adhere to the laws of Lord thy God of Israel when we have for the philosophy of the self of philosophy that asked nothing but self justifies and self glorifies the time of man.

So what of the church, this stinking falsehoods that dares to call itself the church, this rotted limb this insult to the glory of the gospel still exists but it does not exist in truth.  It exists only as an expression of the man. It exists only as an expression of community in which going to church is merely part of the process of life. Grace has been replaced by reason, miracles replaced by hermeneutics and the words of Jesus locked behind doors and buried, so can never rise again; and The church’s acts like a spiritual damn preventing and controlling any spiritual faith that could threaten the reign of man.

It is replaced the choir of angels, the celestial throne of God, the wisdom of the disciples, the suffering and the striving of the first Church with bureaucracy and paperwork and man’s law. As a Methodist I get a ticket of membership to show that I am a member of the church. A ticket! Seems the Methodist church has long since accepted it is empty but for the show, more historical re-enactment then faith, more society then church, more man than God. We have abandoned God, we are buried beneath ourselves.

We do worse than this we reject God we deny him we question his word, his wisdom, we have usurped his throne and put ourselves upon it. We find it odd that anyone would perish for God, that anyone would be moved by him. How could anyone see anything beyond our endless repetition of what was, how could anyone find meaning in our historical Society. We are not here for the faithful, we are here to contain them, we not here for the Lord thy God, we are simply here to ensure that the stone never roll from the tomb so he can never rise again.

This ever since the church entered into a covenant of man it has been meaningless but the kingdom man has grown so great so beyond the kingdom of God that the church serves no purpose anymore. The kingdom of man has no rival any more than is no one challenging for its crown; For even if the end of time came it would merely rate and mention on the third page of the newspapers whilst everyone gossiped on about some celebrity scandal.

So what of us who really do believe in the Lord thy God, those of us betrayed and imprisonment by man’s Church? While we must continue in our belief, we must continue to reject a world where man pretends to sit on the throne of the father; we must never mistake the son for the father. We must wait and wait and believe and believe we must not weep for the church and sold its soul centuries ago. When it was tempted by the devil, with the devil took it to the highest mount and showed all the kingdoms of the Earth and offered it Dominion over them the church took the knee and submitted to Earth authority.

We must give up this fake corrupted church, sacrifice to the world of man as a sacrament of confession and a sign of our contrition. I tell you brothers and sisters nail it to the cross, forsake it, abandon it, and weep not for it: for in this sacrifice it may finally achieve something meaningful, it may finally be worthy of its inheritance. It is time for the church to make way for the kingdom of God, it is time for the Church of man to die and the church of God to rise up from the tomb and be brought into the world.

Let us keep faith then. A faith in a church is not controlled by man, that a church which embraces and lives the gospel of Christ is coming, let us keep faith that the spirit will establish it and work towards this end of days. In the meantime let us be God’s church, let us reject the wisdom of man, and let us this reject man’s truth and his fads and obsession. We should join with the Angel in heaven they alone are our world, the Lord our God of Israel alone is our monarch. We will be rejected, will be mocked we will be derided but we will be a sacrament to God; Worthy of his divinity, worth of his mercy and worthy of the sacrifice of Christ but knowing that it is only in the mercy of Christ that we are redeemed.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

The empty bag

I was watching the television programme “the wonder of life” in which an eminent scientist said that life was nothing but kinetic energy, no more significant than the rolling of a rock down a hill. So I ask a question, are we nothing more than empty bags of energy and impermanent presents which leaves nothing behind but the energy which started it?

With the greatest goodwill in the world; it would not be to a scientist that I would turn the answers about the nature of our existence. Humanity cannot be boiled down to an equation; it is not suffering times wisdom that equal soul. It is trite but true to say that we are more than sum of our parts. I cannot prove this; I can show no evidence for this I cannot give you a calculation which is even infers it. I believe with this question we have come to the edge of science we have come to the end of the path where only fact can take us. It is time to take the leap beyond mere facts to the deeper truth.
Science often tries to justify religion by describing it as some sort of advance fear mechanism but religion contains within it a truth beyond the sciences conception of this truth is this. That though we may just be bags of energy, we are more than this. Religion knows that our Lord and Master made as to become greater than we were, he let us to strive towards perfection as we stagger towards him open armed.

It seems ridiculous to have to repeat this but I will, the value of one man is beyond calculation his purpose beyond fathom and his glory beyond the counting for it has pleased the Lord thy God of Israel to anoint him as a child of God and forge him up on this earth. It is God’s well to give each of us a sole and eternal essence like his are part of ourselves that is beyond the laws of physics beyond the shackles of this world and which will escape when this bag of nothing finally ends its role down the hill of life.

In conclusion I would like to remind you of an old saying. I am nothing but dust in motion for a light came from dust and will return to dust but all that I am will survive. All that I am is eternal, and all that I am is pleasing in the sight of God for he thought me as I am him and him in me. Let science calculate their empty bags in letters and let us preach the truth of the eternal soul. For no man is saved my calculation but only through making that leap from fact to truth.