Saturday, 8 July 2017

New Conservative manifesto

We are facing the end of the Neo-liberal paradigm and we have always managed to cope with such swings. The electorate is no longer willing to support a low wage, economical unequal economy. I do not feel they are particularly hungry for a return to socialist governance so what can we do to win them back? This manifesto is a skeleton of ideas that can provide a 3rd way.

So tax:
We must find a way to stop globalised business dodging tax by doing so we can keep corporation tax low, attacking and aiding business but also ensure that the majority who pay their tax don’t feel cheated.
  • Tax income – if a business is not paying 19% corporation tax and the income they receive from their UK market base then we tax their income at 25%
  • Tax accesses – high- light businesses not paying their share and levy taxes to cover the cost of their usage of UK facilities
  • Create list of tax complaint / good businesses and only these companies will be allowed to tender for government contracts (business kite scheme)
  • Replace council tax with regional income tax – set by the regional council

People don’t want endless levels of government and councils are too often, too powerless or a holding places for questionable political wantabess but people feel distant from “Westminster”.
  • Abolish all councils and replace with single leader regional councils – these leader will sit in the new federal house (replacing the lords) and appoint councils to run their area
  • These new sub-federal area will have control of business rates
  • Reformed VAT rates and items included
  • Set regional income tax rates
  • Set minimal wages – never below the national limit
  • Lobby for national infrastructure money
  • Get money for hosting unpopular but needed infrastructure (i.e. prisons, power plants)
  • Run the regional NHS, Social care, fire service, police, education, social service

We don’t build enough, we allow bad apple to poison certain areas and we have allow homelessness to grow:
  • Make it the duty of regional council to provide housing to all – regardless of their behaviour
  • For residents at issue – we would use a combination of social service and welfare to try to tackle the issue as soon as possible and at root
  • If they continue to prove an issue, they would be removed to special housing but the ambition must always be rehabilitation
  • We would also seek to set up special housing for drug addicts, in these area drug possession would be legal and administered via the social service – again the aim is always rehabilitation first but management second
  • Reform right to buy – the subsidy would remain but they could then only be sold for the original purchase price plus inflation and only to other social housing residents
  • Empower regional councils to take back any house under habitual standards  
  • Charge developers luxury house tax (set by the regional council), to be used to build more social housing and pay for infrastructure required
  • Simply the processes for mass housing developments

Problem people in work but also needed tax credits, low paid work, threats from automation, too many long termed unemployed
  • Reform the job centre so there purpose is to fund employment for their clients
  • Ensure they form partnerships with the various organisations that do this, even paying them but only if the clients end up in long term employment
  • Reform PIP, no longer based on the best day but average week, also re-appraise the skills required to do a real job and make these the criteria.
  • Reform sanctions – no one should ever be left with no income EVER! Keep minimum benefits level for all but make part of it a top up for attendance
  • Create partnership with A-level colleges for in work training
  • Pursue policy of offering tax breaks for employing the long-term unemployed
  • Create partnership for work experience (with volunteer participants receiving top-up payments) and only with firms who agree to codes of conduct (all participants would have to be kite marked)
  • Accepting that employment is better than unemployment if an employer is paying so badly that the worker needs government aid they should be actively helped to find better employment and cost sort against the employer.

  • Role A-levels up with Degrees – closer collaboration between universities and 6th forms
  • End tuition feed and student loans – replaced by a post university HE tax based on post education income
  • Converted back to a commercial loan if they go aboard
  • Ameliorated for all public sector workers
  • Tax relief for all kits approved firms offering in work training & apprenticeships
  • Shorter more generic degrees
  • Allow industries to help form the shape of these degrees
  • Tax refile on firms paying for top up aspects of these new base degrees  

I shall stop hear but I hope this give you some idea of new conservatism, pragmatic not ideological and hard those who see our great nation as a resource ban but also caring for all those who reside hear