Saturday, 27 November 2010

Dyslexic equality:

I am no expert on what is and is not considered a “learning disability”, all I am is a dyslexic person, now I am told I am also dyscaculate and dyspraxic and no doubts several more dis’s. What this really means is by no fault of my own, I suffer with problems with literacy, numeracy, remembering things. I of course lick my people with these issues deal with them the best I can and I do quite well but I still do not understand why are struggle to cope is not assisted but in fact made worse by the state, employers and society at large. In short I cannot understand why we are treated so unequally.

Let us take one of the main issue we face in are claims for equality the term “learning disabilities”. First let me make this clear only the most server dyslexics have any claim to being truly mentally disabled. I am not for one second comparing dyslexic with demtia or to people with very low mental ages. So, I do understand why the term “learning disability came about”.

My point is, however, that calling it a learning disability allows are future employees to pretend as if we are cured once education is ended. Indeed it allows are educators to delude themselves that are condition is curable via nothing more than additional learning and for a large section of the dyslexic population (the lesser end of the scale) this may in fact be true but for the moderate to server section this is nothing more than a sick joke.

Are second claim for equality is equality before the state: Given the fact that dyslexics suffer with issues regarding maths and English I am at a loss why the state is forever increasing the concentration upon them. Indeed all this talk of using them to evaluate schools or even think of make there achievement part of a grater GCSE replacement. I am at to a total loss why it is legal for universities and employers to make these GCSE’s compulsory for employment or entry. To out this in perspective making English and maths compulsory is like saying to wheelchair bound man that running is a required ability to go to university or gain employment.

In addition to equality before the state is the free provision of equipment, now most dyslexics receive free computers at university (strangely regardless of the severity of their condition) yet employers can freely deny dyslexics accesses to computers and poor dyslexics are not entitled to claim free equipment which is essential for dealing with their disability. I am not asking for free computers for all dyslexics just for moderate – sever dyslexics based upon means testing. This may seem an extravagant request but for a dyslexic a computer is as essential as any other piece of medical equipment is for those coping with physical disabilities.

Are third claim is equality before employers; No employer should dismiss any CV or another employee application procedure they choose to use due to English or grammatical errors as this is a debase and cowardly way of discriminating against dyslexics and not such mechanism would be tolerated with regards to other disabled candidates. Also, as with all disabled employers they should be more aware of are additional needs and respectful of are pride and abilities to manage our own conditions.

So let us start at first principles: Dyslexics and are ilk are disabled, are disability affects us for are entire life, computer technology has greatly ameliorated the negative effects of this condition but neither cured nor wholly removed the negative effects of dyslexia, we deserve to be treated equally and finally policy must be formed with dyslexic need kept in mind.

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