Saturday, 27 November 2010

Legalise it!

If we are to treat Britain PLC as a business then we should see what Britain could do to increase its income. One of the most obvious ways to increase its income is to licence more activities and by this I mean legalising the sale of non-conventional and the provision of sexual services both activities to be taxed and taxed heavily and also provided solely under local licence the licence money going to the locality, in exactly the same way that pornography and alcohol are currently sold today.

Now I can hear the screams about the damage and harm that Heroin and crack cocaine do and harm and damage people they indeed do, of course outlawing them does not ameliorate this harm, indeed some would argue their illegality increases them harm, regardless of this it seems to quite clear that making them illegal has not effectively reduced there availability nor the harm they do and as evidence I point to the army of heroin and crack addicts which roams are streets daily.

This piece is not about the harm or otherwise of licencing new activities; it is about the government thinking of ways to increase its income. Let us take sexual services, licencing these particular activities will; no doubt increase the flow of sex slaves into the UK and probably increase the interlinked human trafficking and any increase in the levels of protects and living standards of those providing these service will no doubt be dwarfed by those who will suffer in the even darker and seedier corners of this nation this licencing will create.

We cannot look upon licencing as anything more than an income generating rouse and of course a way of reducing the cost of preventing accesses to the drugs and the services. In the past the forbidding and policing of these activates has been seen as the moral duty of the state and that is what it has remained, an empty moral statement declaring certain things to be moral and thus legally unacceptable and normally I would be all for upholding these rather empty moral statements but this is a different time.

I have no idea of the tax revenue or the income from licencing will bring in but I know that we spend over 3 billion on policing against them and I think from this we could expect at least a billion in additional revenue, adding to fewer cuts and also at last Britain could stop waste huge sums of money prevent activities already taking place free from tax and outside of the state’s sphere.


  1. An interesting idea. Why not go the full hog and legalise drugs as well, hard and soft and tax them. There would be a lot less crime and the CIA could give us some of their Afghan stash at a reasonable price. If some idiots want to kill themselves, why should we care?

  2. I agree legalise drugs as well