Thursday, 18 November 2010

An honest offer

The isle of Britain is a long forgotten and imperial term; yet it denotes something true in the heart of every loyal Brit. It denotes the true shape and nature of this nation; the true greater kingdom of the Isles, a true union of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales a union of free peoples and free states united by a shared currency and a shared language and a shares history.

Now this dream of greater union did briefly exist. Irish MP sat in Westminster and the greater unions military and economic might dominated to world but there was an elephant in the room, the anti catholic laws which dominated Britain and divided the two largest kingdoms of these Islands

All nations waged blood war on each other, from the various principalities of Germany to the city states of Italy. Some of these where religious in nature and some of them a result of nation building; the wars that divide the Islands of where both and have shamefully dominated these Islands history but they are a thing of the past. Indeed the lesser union, the UK, was born not out of these wars but through enlightened self interest and a recognition that we are all brothers of these Islands.

Now are prodigal brother Ireland is in terrible danger not just economic failure but of a irrevocable loss of sovereignty; for all the sins of union rule from Westminster (where Irish MPs held some sway) it is infinitely preferable to rule from at best Brussels, where Irelands voice is barely audible or worse still Frankfurt where the voice of Ireland is never heard above the self aggrandising voice of the German economic machine.

It is our duty to save are brother from the domination of distant foreign control, epically one so set against are national independence (by which I refer to both the French and Germans and there diplomatic arm the EU). It is are brotherly duty to save them from economic collapse and are debt to them to assist them regain there power and strength within the arms of the greater union.

What the lesser union can offer. Well firstly economic aid, as brother nations your debt is our debt and your people are people, secondly we will encourage are firms to move into your lands and allow your people to find jobs here, to return when time are better. Along with this the reintroduction of sterling would reduce your debts and new markets would open.

Along this of course your independence, you would join as a federal state (even retaining a catholic nature to your wholly independent federal constitution), your federal MP would sit in the new federal house and your standard MP elected would sit in the lower house, newly relocates to Liverpool to reflect the new grander union of the nations. You would retain your nationhood but freed from borders or import barriers with Britain. You could even remain a republic within the greater union.

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