Wednesday, 3 November 2010

What makes angle weep and devils rejoice

I read this line in my university days and it have stuck with me ever since. The answer is of course truth and as a Christian I believe it is a sin to bear false witness / lie and I remember that Jesus is truth (John 14:6) and to deny or forsake the truth is to deny or forsake him.

What does this have to do with living life as a Christian? Well I was recently made redundant and was forced to undergo the horror of interviews. I am told not once but a million times that interviews are a game where the literal and absolute truth is sacrifices to vague semi-lies and half-truths and where imperfect human natures is transmuted into perfect humans and corporate machines.

So as I filled out application forms, wrote my CV and even attended interviews I stuck rigidly to the facts, I refused to fudged the truth or e forsake it . I refused to exaggerate my abilities at the cost of the principles of truthfulness and yes modesty which are part of my Christian faith. Whenever aksed a question I always answered frankly and honestly, continuing my theme of honesty and my belief that an honest answer deserves and honest question.

All the time I knew that others, probably less qualified then I where, let us be kind, stretching the truth. Also I carried on honestly letting jobs I could have perfectly managed passing by because I lacked one required aspect of them and refused to lie about it. All the time losing out on opportunities I would have loved in the name of truth and thus in the name of the saviour.

I was even told that I should realise that this processes is a competition and an unfair one and that I should not be so strict about the truth but I stood firm, I reminded them that the truth does not alter ever and that as Christians we must sometimes (and for me personally often) be willing to sacrifice what we want in order to live a good and decent life, a life in keeping with Christ.
In the end without lying I managed to land a job, not my ideal job and one which was lower paid then my last one but the Job I believe God intended for me, a honest job for an honest man.

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