Friday, 12 November 2010

Remembrance day

Britain has been dominated by conservative though since the mess of the civil war, during the civil war town waged war against town, brother against brother and what did it achieve, nine years of dictatorship by a military junta and an extremist religious clique which ruthlessly imposed its will on the people of Britain. All of this suffering would have been justifiable had a new political paradigm been born from all this suffering but no the tyrants death marked a shift back toward the old order with the reinstatement of the monarchy and the rule of law.

I mention this as it was the mess of the civil war that left Britain’s constitution in the mess it has been in ever since and the civil war also ensured almost four hundred years of conservative instinct to dominate British politics.
This piece is not, however, a vitriolic spew about the various virtues of conservative though or a list of times it saved Britain from revolution, anarchy and disaster. This piece is about the greatest failing of conservative though, ever. It is about the unforgivable event and leadership surrounding the First World War.

There have of course been bloody wars, more wasteful war but the First World War must take the biscuit for the most insanely ruinous, badly run and utterly pointless war ever waged. This war marked a shift from conservative pragmatism to conservative nationalist ideology when Generals who put national lust before the eternal covenant.

The eternal covenant is the concept of a contract between the ruled and the ruler but it is also a contract between the past the present and the future and above all it is the history of the nation full of its traditions and norms and most important historical lesions.

One lesion is that no piece of land is worth a man’s life, in the grand narrative of history no one will recall the man who gave his life for four inches of some muddy French field, no one will recall his general for his great victory but more his bloody single mindedness and no country is made powerful exchanging one inch of ground for every life lost (a statistic the WW1 never even came close to emulating).

It was our failing in the promotion of duty and hour not to take a step back from the war to count the cost. It is not that war is not honourable and glorious it is just that the cost of war must be balanced by some value, some real gain. It is insane to think that lives where given away by British generals to gain no French ground.

Indeed if the generals had kept in mind the eternal covenant they may have stayed there hand and saved a few good British live and had the Germans throwing themselves against our lines rather than visa versa.

In the end it was WW1 that marked the end of conservative Britain (finally killed off by WW2). The elite had proven themselves to be susceptible to insane lust and dehumanised warfare which serve no purpose then to kill their own forces. The conservative high ideals of duty and honour were felled by mechanised war fair and the eternal covenant proven unable to protect the nation from a corrupt elite.

So what can we do, well brother was can wait, wait for the liberal lies and myths to bring this great nation to ruin, we can stay the grand hand of the progressives and temper there “good ideas” to save the poor British people from there insane lust and we must learn, learn what the eternal covenant means and why it is so important and remember the cost of forgetting it.

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